Nokia 808 PureView scores near perfect on

My PureView friend Peter Meijs (the one who wrote the great " how to make HDR shots" post here at the club) just tipped me there is a no less than raving review of the Nokia 808 PureView to be found at the new site c

It's a 10 (!) page long, very detailed, very technical and critical analyses of the Nokia 808 PureView as a camera, or as they write on the first page: Please note though that this article doesn't touch on the 808 PureView's performance as a phone. That's not what interests us. We want to see what it's like as a camera...  

I will just quote one line from this extensive review. This comes from a comparison with the iPhone 5, HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III, which is very rewarding to read in itself. The Nokia 808's image quality in its 8MP PureView mode is nothing short of stunning. Detail capture from edge to edge is extremely high and whereas the iPhone 5 (and the other cameras in this comparison) show a marked tendency to clip highlights in some areas of this scene, the 808 preserves bright detail more faithfully thanks to the extra dynamic range that comes courtesy of its unique PureView oversampling technology".

But that's just a part of a fascinating analyses. The writers specifically ask not to publish any of their sample pictures without permission, which I respect of course. So no sample pictures from the site here, but in the review which I truly believe is worth all the time you need to read it. Enjoy!