DxOMark test results with Nokia 808 PureView

Until recently, I have never heard of DxOMark, but it's - in their own words - "the trusted industry standard for camera and lens independent image quality measurements and ratings. For years we have established our reputation for the best rigorous hardware testing, industry-grade laboratory tools and database of thousands of camera-lens test results".

So these people know what they are talking about and recently they published a short test with some test results including the Nokia 808 PureView. In this post you can see how it ranks. I'm a bit surprised they're only showing the picture quality and leave the place for best video to Samsung's Galaxy S III, comparing it to the Canon Powershot S100.

I have nothing against Samsung's products (which might be a surprise to some readers), but I'm just wondering if DxOMark has been testing the Nokia 808 PureView in this respect as well - since I believe it might have won.

I've done some testing and comparing myself in June, at a highway in The Netherlands, including the Nokia N8, Sony Xperia S, Samsung Galaxy SIII and Nokia 808 PureView. You might want to read this post about that comparison. I'll include the video I shot once again. This is the version you can find on YouTube, in the previous link you'll find the same file on Vimeo as well.