Symbian said to be "in maintenance mode" - what does that mean? (Update!)

This evening I was startled by a post over at, saying Nokia Developers stated that "Symbian is in maintenance mode". You can find that post here. It's about a developer noticing a bug in Nokia Drive, who in a reaction gets: "Symbian is in maintenance mode and no new features will be implement without extremely good reason."

I´ll quote from Kevin Averett's text as well: 'This reads to me that it's game set and match for Symbian there will be no more updates for and it will just be "Bug Fixes" done by Accenture till the support period expires. This only makes sense since FP2 is just really Symbian Donna renamed. Symbian Donna was the last update that Nokia stated was coming for Symbian and it was always assumed to be the end of the line for Symbian."'

But I wonder if it really does make sense?

On May 26 it was AllAboutSymbian that brought the news about Stephen Elop saying that "software updates to Symbian devices are expected until at least 2016", and that there is " a long history still to be paved for Symbian in the future". So these two things don't really go together well, since we haven't even started 2013 yet.

It might be that someone at Nokia Developers didn't feel like getting into " bug 1030" - but stating "Symbian is in maintenance mode" sounds a bit too official to get rid of someone noticing a bug. Also, it's hard to imagine that we'll be seeing nothing but  "bug fixes" for about four years?

It would also - more or less - explain the fact that Nokia is not (or hardly) promoting it's latest (and best) Symbian device, being the Nokia 808 PureView. And once more it gives me the impression Nokia has more in store than "just" what has been announced and leaked by now.

So I'm betting on a serious alternative for the Nokia 808 PureView, somewhere next year, possibly even before summer, running on Windows Phone 8. If that's the case, that would make up for the loss of further serious updates on Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 I guess, although I'm sure many readers would prefer never to have to leave Symbian at all.

Via iChris701 I received this quite important update on this matter... See below, a quote from Developer Nokia Bugs