MediaMarkt: Lumia 920 available November 1st

Just before I fell asleep last evening I noticed a tweet by @joaoluisc linking to a post by WMPoweruser, where they brought the big news that the German MediaMarkt promisses the Nokia Lumia 920 on the first of November. Their source is a German site by the way - credit where credit is due:

I was simply too tired to get up and write this post, so I used the brilliant RT function and added "#Breaking" to get the attention of my Twitter followers. Finally: we have a fixed release date, and it's 2,5 weeks from now! So that kept me busy for the night - I must admit I've been dreaming about it, but I'm not quite sure what anymore.

Most likely: how to get it? Germany is very close, the money far away... €650 no doubt is a price that will drop after a month or two, I expect it will be available for €599 quite soon (based on what happened with the price of the Nokia 808 PureView). But still, for the PureViewClub, it's of vital importance I get my hands on it asap, that's for sure... Here's the Lumia 920's at the MediaMarkt (they are offering the Nokia 820 as well).

There are four colours to choose from: the "Lamborghini" yellow (Nokia never called it that, I did ;-), the "lipstick" red (Nokia called it that), and the very classis black and white versions. If I look at the poll at this site, you prefer yellow, black and red - in that order. Over at MyNokiaBlog - a blogsite a bit bigger than this - they're running an identical poll, where yellow ends on top as well.

So that might be becoming a bit like having a white iPhone (like if): not so very special - although it will stand out and make a statement at the same time. Black is the most classic version of course, probably looks pretty good too, but is it "matte" black, like the Lumia 800? Questions, questions  - and 2012 luxury problems.

What do you think I should do? Let me know below! And if you are enjoying your time at the club, and have something to spare, you might consider making a donation via PayPal... See on the right side of this page. Any contribution is welcome, really, and you know where it's going! :-)

Update: at this time it's not possible to place orders at the MediaMarkt: "unavailable for a short time".