AT&T's training videos about Nokia Lumia 920

It's not the first time that just before I fall asleep some interesting news comes along in my Twitter timeline... This time it was WPCentral's publication of three training videos AT&T uses as part of a program to make personnel become "familiar with the main features and selling points" of the Lumia 920. These videos demonstrate its highlights.

Now I'll admit: there not much "PureView" to be seen in these three videos, although one mentions it of course, as part of a trio named pure "view", "power" and "motion". Still, these videos show a lot of the WP8 interface and the many possibilities the Lumia 920 has. It is a true powerhouse, like the Nokia 808 PureView has so much more to offer than just its magnificant camera.

There's one thing you'll have to get used to though: the male voice keeps talking about Nokía, putting the accent on the "i". NokIa. Quite irritating, and I find it kind of hard to believe no-one had the brilliant idea to even check how Nokia should be pronounced at all - Stephen Elop for one thing never made that silly mistake.

First video, presenting the most features

About Wireless Charging capabilities "something your customers are going to love".

About Nokia City Lens and "Tap and send"

These three vids most certainly whet my appetite for the Nokia Lumia 920 - how about you? And no, I'm not selling my Nokia 808 PureView for it.

VIA WPCentral