Family Matters (shots from an amusement park)

Just a short update with only a few pics and one video I'm quite happy with. It's a holiday week here, I'm having family over, lots of things to do outside and thank heavens the weather is allowing us to do so. So here are some nice shots I feel are worth sharing.

Today we went to the Dutch park " Slagharen". It used to be a pony park years ago, but that's changed quite a bit and now you can do lots of things that make you really experience gravity, as is usual in most amusement parks. Most of the shots I made have family members in them, and I will share those privately on Facebook. For today, these three shots will have to do.

These are the resized versions, you will find the original shots on theĀ  PureViewClub Photostream on Flickr.

As you can see, an amazingly blue sky over The Netherlands - quite different from what we've seen in the last weeks. I'd also like to share this video from a small rollercoaster I was only brave enough to film - you won't find me in there :-)

Please let me remind you to choose 1080p if your connection is fast enough - and pay attention to Nokia's Rich Recording, since these machines are pretty noisy and yet (once more) the Nokia 808 has no trouble capturing that sound in crystal clear stereo at all!

Tomorrow we're off to the beach, maybe I'll have the chance to make some nice shots there as well. Hope you enjoyed this footage! :-)