Being a tourist in my own town

I've written already it's a short holiday week here, and I'm having family over - not much time to post  updates, but since we're all waiting for the Lumia 920 there doesn't seem to be that much big news either.

Today, me and my daughter visited Amsterdam, my own town for about 25 years. But visiting - especially with someone from abroad - always makes you look at your own town in a different way. So I decided to make pictures I might have made when I would visit Amsterdam for the first time. I'll put some lines with the pics when I think they might be helpful.

First a few typical "canal shots", like this one. You might see a URL on the small boat saying: "I want that boat".nl

Than a typical messy situation with bikes all over the place. Bikes are so popular they're becoming a bit of a plague in Amsterdam. This is close to the Westerchurch.

The old tower of the "Wester" is on the left side of this picture. To be honest I don't know what building is in the center of this shot, I always thought it to be a bit of an eerie place, something you'd expect in a Kafka novel or something. Totally love it.

Next up: the Prinsengracht canal with some boats - in the sun, which we were happy enough to see for a small hour.

Last time I visited I think this was a place where they sold roses, now it appears to be a "museum" - there are tons of so called musea in Amsterdam, here is one dedicated to one of our great export products :-)

Than to a bit more official museum, the Diamond Museum (behind the Rijksmuseum). There you will see some jewelry and crowns and stuff (all in replica) and learn a bit about the history of finding diamonds and making jewelry.

One of the most modern looking objects was this Japanese Samoerai sword.

Maybe he most interesting piece of the Diamond Museum is inspired on Damian Hirst's piece of art " For the Love of God". The Museum made it's own version, based on the skull of a gorilla. Tens of thousands of "diamonds" cover it - quite impressive I must say, you will find a short video at the bottom of this post.

Next to the Diamond Museum - and connected to it - you will find "Coster" diamonds, with the real stuff. It's a famous firm where you can actually buy diamonds yourself, if you bring enough money, that is.

And as Marilyn Monroe once sang, diamonds are a girl's best friend - (and of course: these rocks don't lose their shape...)

Back on the way to the Central Station, I couldn't resist making this shot on Dam Square, where a big fair was taking place. In this place they sell what I understand is called "candy floss" in English. It's about the sweetest stuff on the planet.

And in one of the many tourist shops near the station, you may decide to buy a "Porcelain Holland Doll" - very sweet as well. Both the last pictures are not quite in my taste but were nice to find in front of my Nokia 808 PureView :-)

So much for being a tourist in my own town, armed with the Nokia 808 PureView. If you want to see more of the Diamond Museum but live too far away, you can always check their  virtual tour.

Hope you enjoyed the shots! If you'd like to see all originals, please visit the dedicated set on the PureViewClub Photostream on Flickr. I tweeted some shots today already - please follow @PureViewClub for the fastest updates.

Update: the video I promised earlier of the "Diamond" Ape Skull (it's made of zirconia, in fact)