Nokia Lumia 920 vs 808 Pureview vs HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S III vs iPhone 5

As you know I've been very busy with family visit last week, so there were not too much updates at the club, sorry 'bout that. There is not very much "catching up" to do either, since there has not been much news. But you shouldn't miss this post over at the French site Test-Mobile.

Their reporter went to the Finnish capital of Helsinki to make some shots with five several smartphones, the Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia 808 PureView, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy SIII and iPhone 5. You will see the result below - I've resized all shots, you will have to check the source to see the original ones.

First, the Nokia 808 PureView on automatic settings.

The result from  the HTC One X:

The Samsung Galaxy S III (shot in 4:3 for maximum resolution)

The iPhone 5 (also in 4:3 for maximum resolution)

And finally, the Nokia Lumia 920 

Now I'm sure you could get much better results from the Nokia 808 PureView of course, choosing longer lighting or different ISO settings. I think you could also achieve better results from One X, iPhone 5 or Galaxy S III choosing HDR .

I'm most surprised by the amount of lens flare in the other than Nokia devices - I wonder if those lenses were really clean when these shots were made.

I don't know if the Lumia 920 offers HDR at all, but it would surprise me if it didn't. Looking at these fast "point and shoot" results hoewever, it's obvious Nokia wins with the Lumia 920. I'm becoming more impatient every day now :-)