Video comparison: Nokia Lumia 920 vs HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy SIII vs iPhone 5

A new interesting comparison I just learned about from the French site Their reporter did more or less the same test as Engadget did before - on the same Nokia grounds even, but it's still fascinating to see how Optical Image Stabilisation really works fine on the Lumia 920.

They put them next to each other like this (looks like the same thing Engadget used, so my guess is it's provided by Nokia).

Then they put the results together in a horizontal way - that makes it a bit easier to compare than the way  Engadget presented the results, which speak for themselves.

Interesting to see also, is that the Nokia Lumia 920 has a much wider angle than all competitors, that all look they've been a bit "zoomed in" in comparison. They aren't, I'm sure, I've seen the same effect comparing the  Nokia 808 with Sony's Xperia T for instance. You'll find all three (or six :-) videos after the break.

On YouTube here

On YouTube here

On YouTube here

If you're still not convinced, it might help to freeze the video: you will see much more detail in the video shot by the Nokia Lumia 920.

Via NokiaPowerUser
Source Test-Mobile