Nokia may have sold more than half a million of the 808 Pureview

How is your math? Mine isn't very good, so there is not much I can make of the article Steve Litchfield posted today on All About Symbian. His reader Sethu M Pillai did some serious math (please check the previous link) and came up with a calculated estimate of 234.482  devices sold.

In a reaction, Jax667 pointed out that the ASP per device probably is a bit different and came up with an estimated total of 505,142 - and Sethu agreed with his line of thought. Bottom line is: we don't know, because Nokia is not telling anyone. I wonder why, since either which way people will say it is good or bad news.

Let's face it: half a million sold in total is not really impressive compared to what Samsung and Apple sell in a week. Compared to Lumia sales however, it might have a more different impact. Nokia sold more than 7 million Lumia's in total, 4 million in Q3, if my sources are correct. Half a million Nokia 808 devices sold is not that disappointing than, since it has hardly been promoted.

I'm not alone feeling sure the last quarter of sales of the Lumia 900 must have suffered a lot from Microsoft's announcement that WP7 devices would not be upgradable to WP8. So far, the pre-ordering  of the Lumia 920 (and 820) seems to be going exceptionally well, so it really looks as if Nokia finally may once again have a hit.

But even if the new Lumia's (510, 820, 920 and all their operator variants) would prove to be way better selling than the most advanced Symbian device Nokia ever produced, it doesn't seem likely Nokia will ever say how much it has sold of the 808 PureView it only silently loved. What does your gut feeling tell you? Or is you math good enough to make an even better calculated guess?