"I'll just wait for the Nokia Lumia 920"

Today - as you have no doubt seen, heard or read by now - Microsoft launched Windows Phone 8. Microsoft's vice president Joe Belfiore, his three children, actress Jessica Alba (who has already been spotted with the red Lumia 920) and CEO Steve Ballmer took the stage to promote the new mobile operating system not designed "for all of us", but "for each of us" - a smart way of communicating the personal perspective Microsoft has on its new mobile platform.

By the end of the launch, Steve Ballmer started his presentation of all expected Windows Phone 8 devices with the Nokia Lumia 920, and he spoke highly of it, much more than expected after his great enthusiasm for HTC┬┤s devices some weeks ago.

I watched the San Francisco presentation via a live connection in Amsterdam, hosted by Microsoft and HTC, and afterwards I had the opportunity to get familiar with both models HTC will bring already next week. The flagship, the "Windows Phone 8X", has an attractive design, which has less in common with Nokia's Lumia 920 that many people accused HTC of - and I think I can tell since I now had both phones in my hands.

I'm convinced however, that Nokia - apart from the design, which is a matter of personal taste - will have more to offer on Windows Phone 8. The amount of apps Nokia has lined up is simply overwhelming, and of course PureView 2 with OIS (and all extra camera apps Nokia will include) will most likely convince many to choose for the new Nokia flagship.

Now it was just a joke actually, but the Dutch press agency of HTC was not really amused by the little stunt pulled by their colleagues of Nokia's press agency. They planned a young man in front of the small venu, waiting with his umbrella in the sometimes pooring rain on a bench that said: "I'll just wait for the Nokia Lumia 920". And that picture is on topic enough for me to share on this blog :-)