Amsterdam skyline caught in the rain

Late yesterday afternoon I visited Amsterdam once more, to see the announcement of Windows Phone 8 (see previous post). I was a bit too early and the weather was ghastly. So I went to a place called "The Kalvertoren" on the "Kalverstraat", a well-known shopping street. On the top floor there's a small restaurant with a fantastic view of the city.

Now of course these shots (with the Nokia 808, of course) aren't crystal clear: they're all shot through the (sometimes wet) windows, the lighting is far from perfect - but I love the atmosphere of these pics, and they give you a view of Amsterdam you seldom get to see. This view is in the direction of the "Koningsplein".
The next two shots are from the famous "flower market" on the Singel canal.

Next is the Munt tower, the red neon lights behind it are from the Cineac cinema.

Below you will see the tower of the Zuiderkerk, which is close to the City Hall.

At the horizon, you will see the towers from the famous Amsterdam "Rijksmuseum" - just renovated for several years (and a fortune). This is where you may find Rembrandt's incredible Nightwatch.

And to conclude, a silly bonus picture, shot in the restaurent where I took all these shots. A funny collection of pepper and salt that for some reason seem to pretend to play a game of chess. Or maybe they're just waiting in line for something. Like the Lumia 920. Argh :-)

Of course you may find all originals on a dedicated set of the  Photostream on Flickr. Some of these pictures I shared on Twitter already.