Nokia Lumia 920 is landing: package, screenshots, animated gifs!

Well, as of today it's out there somewhere, that´s for sure: just not with me. On @Nokia_Fan's timeline on Twitter I saw the package of the Nokia Lumia 920 for the first time, and that was a pleasant surprise I must say (I would have loved to make that shot myself, but you can't always be so lucky).

He attended a "Lumia Factory", which I think is some kind of press meeting in Berlin, Germany, and from that event he shared a lot of pictures on Flickr as well, as in many interesting screenshots - yes, with the new Windows Phone 8 you can finally make screenshots as well.

I will only borrow one, since it is quite artful in itself: the question "wo sind Sie" means "where are you", which of course is a metaphore to me :-)

Next up, some funny animated gifs, realized with the very easy to use Cinemagraph I've posted about before. These are shared by @debexpert and @ernestorrija, attending another Lumia Factory in Spain in seems.

This animated GIF is quite subtle:

The next one I was given permission to share quite subtle also:

This one - by the guy in the same shirt - a bit less subtle already

And this one is totally over the top :-)

And this is one sent to me as their goodbye :-)

So yes, making those animated looks like lots of fun to do. This is also possible on the Nokia Lumia 820, since you don't need OIS, it's only software :-) Also interesting, these animated GIF's take somewhere between 0,7MB and about 5,4MB (!), depening on length and resolution, of course.