"Why do you love your Lumia?"

Today I've already shared the two Nokia commercials promoting the new Lumia 820 and 920. Now I find three other extremely short commercials taken from the previous ones,  in which Nokia is highlighting some important features of the new smartphones their future depends upon.

You will find all three in this post - watching them won't take more than about 30 seconds :-) In these three short vids, people answer the question "why do you love your Lumia"?

First one is about the camera of the Lumia 920. There's not much you can do in 10 seconds, so it's not giving any information on Optical Image Stabilization or fun apps like Cinemagraph, just one "quote" about "beautiful panoramic images you can take with it".

Second is highlighting design. Again, there's not much you can tell about design in 10 seconds either: this is showing the customers Nokia is aiming for: young, trendy, charming, holding their young and trendy Lumia in their hands and showing the young and trendy interface. And of course: "I like my phone to stand out in the crowd".

The last one is about Nokia Maps, but Nokia City Lens is mentioned as well!