Two reviews of the Nokia Lumia 920

Some reviewers are faster than lightning it seems, or maybe they - like Jessica Alba - had the opportunity to play with the Nokia Lumia 920 for a while already. Anyway, I spotted two reviews today that I would like to share with you.

The first is from CNet UK (see link). Most negative is a "desperate lack of apps in the Windows Phone 8 store", which I think is understandable if you come from Android or iOS, but not really fair when I see how much apps I already have on my device running on WP 7.5 - and there are lots of apps coming its way.

Another complaint is the  unimpressive battery life: "It certainly wont last an entire working day". That would be a surprise to me, and my guess is these batteries take some more charges to reach their full capacity. At least, that's what I hope...

As far as PureView is concerned, it has the shortest camera review I've seen in quite a while, here you can jump to it directly: better colors, but less clarity, a conclusion based on two shots - not bad! :-) Here is the shot they used from the Lumia 920 (original shot here)

The conclusion is enthusiastic nevertheless: "With a stunning screen, attractive design, decent camera and 4G connectivity, this is a superb phone and is rightfully the standard-bearer for Windows Phone 8. If the Windows Phone Marketplace can catch up to Android and iOS quickly, it'll be a formidable gadget."

The second review is from To start with, they notice there are more than 120.000 apps and games available in the Windows Phone Store. That's not quite the same as a "desperate lack of apps". Here also, you will find an overview of the available apps and functions, from Microsoft and Nokia.

Being from the PureViewClub, I'd like to focus on the camerapart a bit. You will find comparing samples here, here, here and here, I will only borrow the lowlight comparison they published (resized, follow the last link for the original publication):

Once more, you'll read about "more detail" found in the iPhone: "When compared to the iPhone 4S, a photo of an In-N-Out Burger (animal style, of course) looked equally mouth-watering, but the iPhone picked up a bit more detail, such as the edge of a tomato sticking out from underneath the patty."

No surprise in the next quote however: "One area where the Lumia 920 trumped the iPhone was in taking photos in the dark without a flash. In a side-by side comparison of a few objects in a darkened room, a photo taken from an iPhone 4S was much darker and grainier than the Lumia 920".

Nor in this one "Another cool feature on the Lumia 920 is optical image stabilization, especially helpful while you're taking video while moving around. While it's not going to make an earthquake look like a smooth ride, it will help eliminate small bumps and shakes. We shot some footage while taking a cable car ride through San Francisco, and the Lumia 920 was able to mitigate some of the bumpiness."

Here also, battery life seems to be a bit critical "The 2000-mAh battery inside the Lumia 920 is meant to go the distance, and in our testing, held up well under heavy use. We used the Lumia 920 from 1 pm to 6 pm, taking about 40 minutes worth of video, then snapping numerous photos, browsing the web, checking Twitter and Facebook, and making phone calls. After that time, we had about 6 percent battery life remaining. We expect you should get more than 6 hours during everyday use."

Quite simply put, if that appears to be true and will stay that way, you will most likely need that wireless charging device at work as well...

Nevertheless, this site ends with "as Microsoft's app catalog continues to catch up with iOS and Android, the Lumia 920 is the best reason yet to switch to Windows Phone."