Three days. Three countries. Three cities. One phone. The Nokia 808 PureView

An interesting tweet this morning, about a video made in "Three Days. Three Countries. Three Cities. One Phone." The video is compiled of several b/w shots by Patrick Hamilton Walsh ( @theISbook on Twitter), and he posted it on Vimeo.

As a commentary, he wrote "Last week I obtained a Nokia PureView 808 and just by playing around with it I really liked the 'feel' of the Black & White' images that it could capture. So, as I explored the three cities I continued to to capture images in Black & White, as it just seemed to fit the season. Here are the results, untouched, uncropped. Enjoy."

Well, I did, although I think each picture deserves a bit more time. Still, these are interesting shots, and the classical French pianomusic fits the atmosphere very well. Hope you'll enjoy it too!

PureView 808 The Black & White Collection from The Phoneographer on Vimeo.