"Nokia to bring more of 808 PureView's technology to Windows Phone platform"

That was quite an interesting quote I saw late last evening. I was in bed already so could only tweet about it ( @PureViewClub). In PCMag, Chris Weber, Nokia's head of marketing in the US, has a very interesting statement when asked about the Nokia 808 PureView.

I quote from the article: 'Taking imaging to the next level, he didn't count out using the 41-megapixel camera technology found in  Nokia's 808 PureView in a future Windows Phone. "Our ambitions are to bring more and more of that technology to the Windows Phone platform," he said.'

That is very much in line with what I have been predicting a few times already: a combination of PureView 1 and PureView 2 next year, possibly already at the end of the first quarter and most likely announced during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. There. I said it. Again :-)

How do I know this? I don't. It's a hunch, intuition. Moreover I've heard some rumours about a 21MP camerasensor, not 41MP like in the Nokia 808 PureView. From who I heard this? I forgot. Let's see what Nokia has in store next year, I'm really looking forward to it. Just like I'm still looking forward to the Nokia Lumia 920... Please Nokia, go ahead, make my year.