Why the Nokia Lumia 920 definitely has most to offer on Windows Phone 8

This post is not entirely about PureView, sorry 'bout that. It's more about the Nokia Lumia 920 that not only offers the second kind of PureView as you all know. But that's not the only reason I'm looking forward to it. I have this passion for new OS's, and Windows Phone 8 certainly is making my heart beat faster (and yes, I'm still very fond of the old Symbian too, no worries about that)

I just saw Kevin Everett publish a remarkable post on DailyMobile.Net (see link for the original post). I missed it, but apparantly HTC placed a post on its Facebook page that "The HTC 8X is more than 20 pennies lighter than that "other" Windows Phone". It included a picture of twenty pennies to go with it, obviously aiming at the Lumia 920, Nokia's new "heavyweight champion".

Kevin saw that and got pretty mad about it, it seems. He wrote: Hey HTC, Here is Why The Nokia Lumia 920 is Worth Carrying the Extra “20 Pennies Around". I'm sure DailyMobile.Net has more visitors than the PureViewclub does, so I hope he won't mind when I quote all his strong points first.

Kevin writes

1) It gets you a bigger screen:
The Nokia Lumia 920 has a 4.5 inch PureMotion HD+ display; 1,280x768 pixels.
The  HTC WP 8X has a 4.3 inch  Super LCD 2; 1,280x720 pixels.

2) It gets you a better camera:
The Nokia Lumia 920 has a 8.7-mp camera with OIS and "pureview technology"
The HTC WP 8X has an 8mp with "zero shutter lag"
How big of a difference does this make? Check out the  low light test done by The Verge comparing the two.
Hey HTC Here is Why The Nokia Lumia 920 is Worth Carrying the Extra 20 Pennies Around

3) It gets you double the memory:
The Nokia Lumia 920 has 32GB of internal memory
The HTC WP 8X has 16GB of internal memory

4) It gets you a bigger battery:
The Nokia Lumia 920 has a 2000 mah Battery
The HTC WP 8X has a 1800 mAh Battery

5) It gets you more connectable to your other devices:
The Nokia Lumia 920 has Bluetooth 4.0
The HTC WP 8X has Bluetooth 2.1

6) It gets you wireless charging:
The Nokia Lumia 920 has wireless charging
The HTC WP 8X doesn't have wireless charging

7) It gets you better apps:
The Nokia Lumia 920 has exclusive Nokia apps like Angry Birds Roost, Vimeo, Red Bull, Nokia Music, Bloomberg,  Groupon, etc...
The HTC WP 8X has exclusive HTC apps like the HTC Hub, Flashlight, and a compass

So there it is, Kevin's roundup of the advantages of the Nokia Lumia 920.
And I can even add some, if I may.

Adding to point 7, I would like to fill in some of the etc. with Nokia City Lens and Nokia Transport.

On a sidenote: Nokia is really making some very serious contributions to the Windows Phone 8 platform, which can't be said (at all) from HTC (or Samsung, for that matter). All Windows Phone 8 devices will be powered by Nokia Maps ánd will get Nokia Drive even, if the other producers choose to include it. On top of that, Nokia Drive will be much better than it was already, including route planning options to avoid toll roads, ferries, etc. I suggest you read all about that in this very interesting post at Nokia Conversations. Remember: Nokia Drive is free and even works offline.

But there is more:

8) The Nokia Lumia 920 gets you a supersensitive touchscreen, so you'll be able to use it with your gloves on. With winter coming up, that is no small advantage in my opinion. But it's so new and maybe even unexpected, it's easily overlooked.

9) Nokia comes with a line of accessories that might make you drewl. Not only the wireless charging pillow by Fat Boy, but also color matching and really gorgeous looking BlueTooth headsets by Monster for instance.

And there is the high-quality JBL speaker where you can stream your music (with NFC on you will connect automatically) and charge your Lumia wireless at the same time. That is really adding value to the smartphone experience in my opinion, although of course it will need a substantial investment from you part.

These two shots were made - in case you wondered - with the Nokia 808 PureView by yours truly.

So that's 9 points already with substantial advantages of the Nokia Lumia 920 over it's competitors. If you would like to add a tenth advantage (except that the Lumia 920 is looking a helluva lot better), be my guest! :-)