Post nr. 500: PureViewClub finally on Facebook!

Well, what can I say. I'm still working towards posts number 808 and 920 of course, but 500 is also a nice number to celebrate. And how do I do this? Well, finally, the PureViewClub is on Facebook! :-) I dedicated just about all my extra time in the past months to the PureViewClub itself, but nowadays if you're not on Facebook it's almost like you don't really exist, right?

So, this 500th post is dedicated to the "birth" of PureViewClub on Facebook. It doesn't have the best possible look and feel yet, but I'll be working on that in between. To start with, you'll find some previous posts, like the " Have a seat and let me show you around" post, the one with the " Roundup with how-to's & background information" and " How to join the PureViewClub". From here I'll be updating regularly.

Also, it gives you the opportunity to share what you like about PureView. I'd still love you to join the Forum here, but please: like the PureViewclub on Facebook, so you'll be notified about new posts, and your friends will find out about the PureViewClub as well. Thank you! :-)

PS A few months ago, I've been invited as admin of the Facebook " Nokia 808 PureView" page, but some readers didn't like me sharing information on the Nokia Lumia 920, which I can understand. So I will continu to post both there and on my own Facebook page. I'll share this post there as well, so they can check if I keep my promiss :-)