Most extensive Nokia 808 PureView review ever

It's in French, but: Google translate will help you with it. You will find several dozens of pictures of the Nokia 808, alone, together with it's predecessor Nokia N8, and shot with the Nokia 808, of course. It has  several videos, one of almost two (2!) hours.

I did a word count: it has about 15.500 words all about the Nokia 808 PureView. It will show you details of pictures taken in 38MP, 8MP and 3MP, in all available ISO settings. It has a comparison with the Canon 650D. You will see difference with flash and without flash. It will show you different color shades. In detail.

All in all, it is simply too much to summarize, you should read it for yourself - if your French, that's easy, otherwise I hope Google translate knows your language well enough. I will add only one illustration, the one showing details in all ISO settings I mentioned already. You can find this immense review by @fneuf here on Test-Mobile.Fr. Enjoy!

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