Unpacking the red Nokia Lumia 920 and close-ups, shot with the Nokia 808 PureView

Yes, it's launched today in Germany, and since I don't live that far away I had the chance to get one... Can't afford it, can't resist it either, tough choice, done :-)

If you don't like "unpack" shots, this is not for you. I was home late this evening so I had to make a lot of these shots using the flash of the Nokia 808 PureView - which actually gets the colors really well. So without further ado  , here we go.

The Box!

The box, and: the Red Lumia 920!

Without the cover... still in plastic though

Charger and cable - and a charming red headset (with different sized earbuds)

Weighing the Nokia Lumia 920 for the first time, still in plastic. Why all reviewers complain about the weight is absolutely beyond me.

Taking of the plastic...

First time firing it up. Bought in Germany, so a text in German welcomes me.

Changing the language looks like this. I chose English for mine - Dutch might be more logical, but writing about this device at the club, it makes more sense to know the exact English terms.

Intermezzo - how does it compare to the Lumia 900? Some have written already it's MUCH bigger. Well, it isn't. It's a bit bigger, since it has a bigger screen. You don't need to be Einstein to figure that out.

Another one of both phones, now without the Xenon flash because of its reflections. I'd like to repeat that with flash, you see the actual red better than without it. Too bad I couldn't take it in the bright sunlight for some shots. That will have to wait till tomorrow.

To compare thickness - you can see the 900 is a bit more flat, the Lumia 920 a bit more rounded and wider.

And now for some close-ups of the Lumia 920... From right to left: volumerocker, on/off switch, camerabutton. No changes there.

Bottom, with the two little speakers and of course micro-USB port.

The other side.

Top, with the slide where to put your micro-SIMcard and the headset.

Backside, with the same iron emblem with Nokia in it. The one that you will scratch no matter how you try not to.

Trying to picture the glass, that - thank Goodness - is rounded again, like with the Lumia 800.

Here you go. In my hand. I am completely in love with another Nokia product. I didn't try anything out yet, wanted to make and share these Nokia 808 shots with you first. Now I will install Re-installer or whatever it's called again, and get all my apps in place. And yes, I will try it with gloves on.

Hope you enjoyed the shots and I do hope to share my first experiences really soon! I tweeted the very first one already: it's NOT too heavy! As I tweeted this evening already: yes, the Lumia 920 is a heavy phone. But when you hold it, when you work with it, it feels robust, really strong and very well balanced. All tech reviewers complaining about it's weight must have become exceptionally weak after carrying their lightweight iPhone 5 too long :-)

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