Racing around with the Nokia Lumia 920

So I found time to do a few tests with the Nokia Lumia 920 today. First, a video, which may in part remind you of driving a bumpy terrain with the Nokia 808 PureView. Anyway, I took the car out for a spin and had the Nokia Lumia 920 attached in a Nokia holder where the Lumia 920 barely fits - but it fits, at least.

I had the Lumia 920 on Full HD. It had continuous autofocus OFF because in previous tests it would end up focussing a lot on the windshield instead of what's behind it. That's it. There is no way to test what it's like without video stabilization, it's always on. White balance was on auto.

You will see that video stabilization actually works very well, especially on the bit rougher terrain where I mistreated my car once again, all just to satisfy your curiousity :-) Enjoy!

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