Nokia Lumia 920: daytime shots and close-ups

It’s an old wisdom: the more questions you’re trying to answer, the more you get – someone on Twitter even got mad at me for not answering the same day. Oh well.

In this post, I'll just share some shots I made in the past two days with the Nokia Lumia 920. No comparison with whatever other smartphone, just enjoying all the fun I had making these, and to show what you can achieve with the Lumia 920 in daytime (mostly) and in close-up.

One thing though - it's impossible to prove but I think it's important to share. One night I switched off my phone (don't often do that). After switching it on the next morning, it seemed to me the camerasensor is "acting" differently: less sensitive than it has been the days before...

I'm not sure about it, and I'm not saying this to make up for earlier remarks I made about the performance. But my judgement might have been influenced by one of those typical software miracles that are hard to reproduce.

Having said that, here are fifteen (I think) great results with the Nokia Lumia 920. In (cloudy) daytime, and in close-up. Ready? Here we go :-) The first two are at a now closed "beach bar" near my work (I work miles away from the beach, it's just a name).

Next is Lizzy, the sweetest dog of the neighbourhood. I've tweeted the first picture earlier by the way. Someone asked what kind of breed it is, well, it's the golden retriever (I thought they were known all over the world)

Next up are some close-ups. The first outside, near a wall I've shared earlier on this blog. Check the link and you will see the result with the Nokia Lumia 920 is far from disappointing in comparison.

Next is a close-up of a miniature car, my favorite Ford Puma I used to drive a while ago (until a neighbour wrecked it with his car...). Picture is shot inside against the light coming in from the window. To get the best out of this close-up, I had to use the flash. Also, in a few similar  shots, I discovered a disadvantage of having a bright colored smartphone: you might see it mirroring in your subject.

This is a close-up, a detail of my daughter's Nokia 100, shot under the light of the table. I think we all know how small that phone is.

The next pictures are also shot inside: visiting my mother yesterday, I found this bouquet of white roses on her table.

A close-up of one of many Greek souvenirs my mother cherishes.This miniature is about 4 centimeters high, that should give you an impression how close I was. If you think it's unsharp, look at the black rooftop.

Two vases with dried flowers in a shady corner.

Yet another flower, real close this time.

Last but not least, and not only inside but already in the light of the kitchen lamp (the same where I shot the pictures of Tough Story), these are a few shots from my (second hand) colorful boots. No flash was needed by the way.

And this is the back, in close-up, including a nice Bokeh effect (or is it depth of field? I keep confusing those I think).

And yes, the originals are all on Flickr. Like I said, these were all shot with the Nokia Lumia 920.

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