Old Mexican art in bright sunlight, shot with the Nokia Lumia 920

I came across these just now, and I thought it would be worth sharing them: a few pictures of a Mexican artefact, we bought there somewere in the nineties. It has been hanging outside for years now, whether it was summer or winter, and the colors simply won't fade. An amazing piece of Mexican art, represting the cycle of life - I have made many pictures of it already.

So a few days ago, the bright afternoon sun was out, shining almost horizontally on it, and since many people have been asking me about daylight pictures of the Nokia Lumia 920 I thought I'd give it a try to capture that "mask" or whatever I need to call it from all sides.

First you'll see the left and right side, shot on auto and NO adjustment as far as the amount of light is concerned (very sure about that this time), nor any other adjustment for that matter.

And here is another close up from up front, with my head creating a shadow around it.

I think the Nokia Lumia 920 is doing a very fine job in even extremely bright sunlight. Originals on Flickr, go ahead and look at the full resolution results as well, you can almost feel the stone it's made of.

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