More sunny shots with the Nokia Lumia 920

A great sunny afternoon today, and I was happy enough to have a bit of time to go out and get some shots with my Nokia Lumia 920. Nothing too pretentious, just showing how it does in bright sunlight once more.

And either it's me (which I doubt, but experience does help) or the software in the camera has changed a few days ago (which I doubt even more), but it seems far easier to get some great shots with it! Judge for yourself. I will tell about the shots a bit along the way.

First a glass wall at my work. It's hard to see, but the sun is shining at full force upon this wall. I think the Lumia 920 does a great job correcting the tremendous, almost blinding amount of light.

More glass, but now from the quite modern Museum of Audio and Video in Hilversum. It's located at the Mediapark, where I happen to work. I've posted about this magnificent building months ago, when the weather was not so brilliant as this afternoon. I had the Nokia 808 PureView for two days, so I was quite trigger happy at the time. These are two really sunny shots. Couldn't get more since my car was parked in the wrong place.

As you can see, the building is quite a landmark, and although some in the region think it's atrocious, I believe it's revolutionary - a building that could have been built in Paris, London, Madrid, you name it. Not Hilversum. But it's there.

Next is a more of a tricky shot. The sun was low, I think the colors are absolutely right - and I was there, so I should know. I'm not too happy about the way it captures the leaves on the tree though. It's more like it's impressionism than pixel precise realism. Check the original on Flickr if you want to (all these shots are there by the way).

Just before you make a shot like this, you will see the tree in all detail on the (brilliant) display of the Nokia Lumia 920 (yes, even in extremely bright sunshine, trust me, it is that good!). But when you make the shot you'll notice it is being saved in this way - the sharp details are suddenly less sharp. This is what we need the software update for, I guess.

The next shot is in the bar near a very small "airport" I live close to. I showed a few shots from there earlier as well. The sun was setting, it shone deep into the place where I ordered something for me and my daughter.

And my eye caught this rose, sunlit all by itself... It was very quiet, but my daughter was waiting for me outside so I just made this one shot in close-up. Everything else on auto. I think it's a lucky shot.

And the last one, the sun was almost gone already. Near the fence that seperates the people from the small planes, below the lamp, you'll see a sort of canister with "wespen" written on it. That's a remainder of summer: a device to catch wasps.

I love this shot as well: you can see the grass where the small aeroplanes land, already in the shade. The pale blue sky, the yellow lamp. Everything exactly as I've seen it myself. And all on auto once more.

So what's my conclusion so far? In general, the colors are great and very accurate. The atmosphere is exactly right, usually. I have no problem with too sensitive lighting at all anymore.

The only thing I'd like to get fixed is the way it captures details from a larger distance - like in the tree above. It might not be easy with an 8MP sensor, but I'm sure Nokia can squeeze more out of the sensor and the software than the Lumia 920 is showing us at this moment.

Other than that, I still totally love my new Nokia Lumia 920 - and yes, the Nokia 808 PureView has a better camera. Don't worry about it ;-)


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