Screenshots of Nokia Lumia 920 cameramenu

Well, it's not just the Nokia Lumia 920 cameramenu, but also that of Windows Phone 8, for the most part. But this blog is about PureView, so I'll limit myself to the choices you get when you  open the camera in the Lumia 920.

And ever far from elaborate as you may know from the Nokia 808 PureView. Here are all screenshots I made (because, finally, we can make screenshots on WP8, yay! :-)

1. Photo menu: buttons for menu options, change to video mode, use front camera, flash on/off/auto and Lenses.

2. Nokia Lenses

3. Choosing Photo or Video settings

4. Photo settings menu 1

5. Photo settings menu 2

6. Scenes

7. ISO settings

8. Exposure value (goes from -2 to +2)

9. White balance

10. Aspect Ratio

11. Focus Assist Light on/off

12. Video, ready for recording

13. Video settings menu

14. Video White balance

15. Continuous focus on/off

16. Video mode

No, this won't go down as my most exciting post in history, but I still hope you found it useful.


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