Nokia 808 PureView captures the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC Windows Phone 8X in detail

Since Apple started whining about "blatantly copying", suddenly every other company seems to be in trouble as soon as they announce something that looks similar to, or reminds one of another company's product. As soon as HTC presented the design of the HTC Windows Phone 8X, there has been quite an uproar about the design being "copied" from Nokia.

But what, in fact? The monoblock, consisting of a big touchscreen, is hardly unique. Choosing some bright colors in the casing? I don't remember anyone claiming colors before. So it has to be - just as in many cases from Apple against Samsung - in the detail. And since design by definition is in the detail, it's a very tricky thing to prove you're right (remember the just as famous as ridiculous billion dollar Apple vs Samsung case is far from over yet).

Now to have a detailed look at the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC Windows Phone 8, I made a lot of pictures, close-ups from all sides. And I think you will see many more differences than similarities. So here are 20 shots - all made with the Nokia 808 PureView, of course - of both devices, next to and even on top of each other, for you to compare.



Now I think these pictures prove that there are many differences between both devices. The way they feel is totally different as well. The HTC Windows Phone 8X is matte, but one could get a matte version of the Nokia Lumia 920 (in black, grey or cyan). I like matte by the way, but I happen to like the shiny red version better.

The HTC is definitely lighter, some may like that - I don't. The feel of the Lumia 920 is a lot more robust and really communicates it's a very solid device, something that Phonebuff has proven in the extreme, using it as a hammer even.

Than of course, you know what's in the Lumia 920 as well. Extra memory doesn't weigh more, but 32GB in stead of 16GB internal memory is no small difference. What will put more weight on it: the bigger (supersensitive) touchscreen, the bigger battery and the hardware for wireless charging and (last but not least) optical image stabilisation - there are some good reasons for it's weight.

Another difference is what Nokia offers in apps. The picture below just shows HTC weather and Photo enhancement on the 8X, but I have to be fair there is more you will find like the HTC app that will brighten up you lockscreen and a HTC clock. But in all it's much less when you compare it to the abundant amount of incredibly useful apps Nokia has to offer on Windows Phone 8: Nokia Maps, Drive, Transport, City Lens and Music, to name the most important ones.

But that would be the same for the the Windows Phone 8S compared to the Nokia Lumia 820 - which doesn't look like the Windows Phone 8X either, for that matter - I just don't have it so I can't make any shots to compare them in detail.


That´s all for now. The HTC WP8X is a review sample I got because I also run a Dutch site,  Smartphone-Review. If you like it you will find my review of the Nokia Lumia 920 and Windows Phone 8 there, I hope that Google Translate will help you out in your language.

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