Bright colors and etchlike reflections

Yes, it's the same building again, with colors that seemed to be burning from the glass panels in the bright morning sunlight - I couldn't resist to take pictures from it once more, this morning.

But maybe even more than those insane colors, I like the reflection of the trees in the huge glass panels on the ground floor - and the proud Dutch flag.

You'll have to take it from me: the Nokia 808 PureView (although color settings are on "vivid") doesn't really capture the brightnes of the reflection on the colored panels, where the Nokia Lumia 920 shows them maybe a bit too abundantly - especially the red seems to be a bit too much for the sensor.

But the Lumia 920 is in fact closer to the original effect. You'd have to see the building in the bright sun for yourself once though, to judge the difference. And I think you'll love the bikes in front as well :-)

First: the Nokia Lumia 920. By the way, it looks like you see more of the colored panels, but tere's a bit less of the foreground in this shot.

And the Nokia 808 PureView result:

Then: crops of the reflection! First again, the Lumia 920

And than the same crop from the Nokia 808 PureView

Again, the Lumia 920 seems a bit "warmer" in color. But you can crop all the way you want to for yourself, because yes! Originals are on Flickr - enjoy! :-)

Update: you might want to have a look at these evening shots as well...

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