Dark colors and no reflections

Same building, pretty much same location, same PureView cameras and most likely the same reactions: the Nokia 808 PureView is the best camera - I never claimed it would be otherwise. In fact, no smartphone will offer a better camera than the Nokia 808 PureView and it will probably be like that for the coming years even. I'm only sharing the different results - I'm not making a competition out of it, it's useless.

This evening, returning from work, I saw the same building with the lights coming from behind the colored panels, and from the hall inside. So I parked my bike and made a few shots to see how both cameras would manage this kind of light. This time I'm showing the picture of the Nokia 808 PureView first (yes, everything is on auto):

Not bad at all, as we are now used to using the Nokia 808 PureView in not extremely dark circumstances. But near the top of the building, the colored panels are becoming pretty dark. That's a bit different with the Nokia Lumia 920:

Now for me, again, I'm not sharing this to judge which one is "best" - they both have their own merits I think. Interesting is to see how the Lumia 920 handles less light effectively. It might not be the best solution for a shot like this, since there is no "object" to be caputered in the foreground. I didn't have someone with me willing to be a model - I definitely need to look for one soon, I realize that. Any volunteers? :-)

You'll find the originals on Flickr again.

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