Here's to Nokia's Damian Dinning!

We don't know yet what the reason is behind Damian Dinning's decision to leave Nokia - but I'm sure it is a good reason, since I know for a fact he really loved Nokia and Nokia loved him right back.

For those who might be less familiar with the man, I'd just like to share some links and footage here, so you can see how incredibly important he has been for Nokia's development of digital imaging - the Nokia 808 PureView speaks for itself I think, the greatest part of this blog is about that device and what one can achieve with it.

On Nokia Conversations, you will find his own article about it - very much worth your time to read! Of course, there also is the quite well-known official Nokia video, " Nokia 808 PureView: 5 years in the making", which you can see below, with many of the key figures working on this groundbreaking new technology:

And of the many online interview you can find on YouTube, I will just share the one by The Verge

I have written this in my previous post, but I'm happy to repeat it: Damian Dinning may have his reasons to leave Nokia, but that doesn't leave Nokia empty handed. A great team of innovators is still working on the future of mobile digital imaging: Eero Salmelin, Juha Alakarhu, Ari Partinen and Kristina Björknäs are some of the people I had the honour to meet since I've started the PureViewClub - you'll see almost all of them in the first video above.

I would have loved to interview Damian Dinning myself once - and as a matter of fact, I still hope the opportunity will arise some day. But it's not like that PureView will cease to exist - on the contrary, I expect the announcement of a new kind of PureView next year.

So here's to Damian Dinning, thank you for all you've done with your great team at Nokia!

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