Touch to focus on the Nokia Lumia 920

You might have seen this lovely little pair before: mr. and mrs Bearded Dragon from Australia, (not always) stuck in a glass cage near where I live.

I met them yesterday once more, and since one of them was in the foreground, and the other one in the back, I had a nice oportunity to test touch to focus on the Nokia Lumia 920 - shot through the glass, mind you.

And it works, as you can see here - first the one up close

Than the partner, sleeping on a rooftop (must be the guy)

And while I'm at it, meet their fast growing kids!

And yes, the original shots are on Flickr too, as usual.

There you go. Just a short update at the PureViewClub - nice for a change. The Damian Dinning exclusive even reached a Chinese blog I just noticed. Hope my server won't start smoking :-)

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