The expected remake of the Lumia 920 spot

Yes! There it is! And yes, I should have done this myself, I know, I know, I will try one day still. But @revazrezo obviously beat me to it and it would be childish not to share his impressive result.

He proves you don't need a cameraman in a big white van to get the exact same - or even better - result we all saw in the "official" video that brought Nokia so much PR and headaches.

I think this s a job quite well done, although I think one probably shouldn't whistle at girls on a bike ;-) and this girl doesn't seem to be very comfortable riding her bike with one hand. Probably not grown up with it, whatever. I Love to share this and will still try to make my own version as well!

On YouTube

Update - the making of
Here's a video of "the making of". You can see he's using a yellow version of the Lumia 920 :-)

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