Recording music with Nokia 808 and Lumia 920

This is a very interesting video recording, comparing the video and sound quality of the Nokia 808 PureView versus the Nokia Lumia 920. It's shot by  @EasycapExpertti, who has a  brilliant site with music videos, shot using the most recent high-end Nokia devices.

Rich Recording is another extremely important innovation Nokia premiered in the 808 PureView - I was already deeply impressed with the PureView imaging technology, but after hearing for the first time what you can actually achieve with Rich Recording, I was totally blown away by the Nokia 808.

Now the Nokia Lumia 920 doesn´t offer "rich recording" according to its specifications. I'm not sure why, but one of the reasons probably is that it doesn't record in stereo. However, there is no distortion since Nokia is using the same type of microphones as in the 808 PureView: HAAC, which stands for High Amplitude Audio Capture. Below you'll see the video, over at  the site were I got it from you can read some more background information.

One more thing though, you'll see that it's possible to zoom in while recording on the Nokia 808 PureView - and that's another important advantage over the Lumia 920. Just listen to this with your headphone on, you'll notice the difference.

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