New colorful shots of Nokia Lumia accessories

During yesterday's presentation in The Netherlands, we learned that the Dutch can't be expecting the Lumia (920 and 820) before January next year. Fans of course are very disappointed, but there is not much Nokia Netherlands can do about it.

To make up for it however, Nokia will offer a free charging plate with the Nokia Lumia 920 (only if you order or buy one before february 1!) and every Nokia Lumia 820 will get a shell for wireless charging (normally a seperate accessory). This of course to prevent the eager ones to cross the border with Germany and buy one over there, if they will be available there again that is...

With the press pictures that were given out, I found a few original, colorful shots of the new accessories Nokia is offering for the Lumia's: wireless charging, the JBL PowerUp speaker, the brilliant Monster BlueTooth headset, the FatBoy pillow for a wireless power nap - you know them all I guess. But you probably have never seen these shots before.

Now I know most people are spending most of their money on a new Lumia 920 or 820 - if they have an opportunity to buy it in the first place. And these accessories aren't exactly very cheap. On the other hand it's always nice to have something to long for, right? So I'm just sharing these press pictures since I know they are quite unique and only handed out to the Dutch press.

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