Nokia Lumia 920 pre-orders in The Netherlands: at least as popular as the iPhone 5

Just a short update. From the Dutch website I just learned that the demand for the Nokia Lumia 920 is comparable with or even bigger than that for the iPhone 5 in several webstores. Coolblue and The PhoneHouse are surprised by the amount of pre-orders: "the amount of pre-orders is comparable to that of the iPhone 5 in the first week."

Coolblue - with several popular webshops in The Netherlands like and - states the Lumia 920 is more popular than any recent introduction of  Apple, Samsung or HTC (which is quite a popular brand in the Netherlands). Both Phonehouse and Coolblue are surprised the Nokia Lumia 920 surpasses all their expectations. After all impressive numbers we heard from the US earlier, it's all certainly looking good for Nokia!

Please note: you might think of The Netherlands as a small country (known for cheese and some succesful soccer players) somewhere at the North Sea, close to Germany and England. That's true. But there are almost 17 million people living there, and since October this year, about 58% of the population owns a smartphone.  Many even own two (or more). So being succesful in the Dutch market is very important  in general.

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