Some Nokia magic... Photobeamer (on WP8)

You might have read something about it already, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't write about it. Yesterday, Nokia released Photobeamer, a remarkable application that enables you to share pictures on any other browser.

It works so simple and effective it's kind of hard to understand why noone thought of it earlier. I feel quite sure that if Nokia hasn't patented this technology, you'll find it on many future devices.

What do you do? First, when you have a device on Windows Phone 8, you download the app here (on your phone! Link is to a Dutch site but I guess you'll get it anyway). Before you do so, read on.

When you start the app, you will be asked which pictures you'd like to share. You'll surf to the folder on your smartphone, and when you choose one of the pictures there, you'll see the camera on your phone is switched on. A line in your display says the other party should visit on his or her browser.

The browser will then show a QR code - you'll need to scan it with your phone, and (if you succeed, I needed several attempts) you'll be able to show all pictures from your phone directly to your friend's computer. Piece of cake, in fact, although like I said, it took me some time before I could establish a connection the first time.

Why is this Windows Phone 8 only? My answer to that is just as simple as effective: I have no idea.

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