Nokia 808 PureView vs Lumia 920 comparison

Some time ago now, Peter Graham sent me some shots he made during one of the by now famous "dark room tests" Nokia is setting up to compare other smartphones with the Nokia Lumia 920.

Peter had his Nokia 808 PureView with him, and being a "pureview fan" of course he couldn't resist to test both devices. What Nokia used as a subject to make the shots of appeared to be quite appropriate in this time of year.

I'll say it once more, because it seems I can't stress it enough:  the Nokia 808 still is "King of Camphones", but the lowlight results of the Lumia 920 are once again very impressive. Here you go - there was no flash involved at all.

Nokia 808 PureView, automatic mode:

Nokia 808 PureView - Creative Mode, ISO 100:

Nokia 808 PureView - Creative Mode, ISO 400:

Nokia 808 PureView - Night mode:

Nokia Lumia 920 - Automatic mode:

Nokia Lumia 920 - Night mode:

No doubt, there's a lot you can make of all this, I think most important is that in "night mode", the Lumia 920 really gives a very impressive result, and one should consider the ease with which you can make shots like these. Look at the Christmas package at the right side for instance.

Of course, the Nokia 808 PureView - on ISO 400 (!) - is very impressive as well, but it is not as easy to use, as you can read in what the photographer Peter Graham wrote in his message to me:

Both cameras are impressive but as someone already quite elegantly explained it on your site, you gain in unblurryness and loose in noise with the 920 and vice versa with the 808. That being said, I really think the noise is low with night mode on 920. The 808 night mode is good too. It gets better in the creative mode but it just isn't as fast and easy when wanting to take good pics in low light. Some pics even got blurry even though I held it against the shoot opening. I could have done a better job but there was a que and I had to be swift.

I wonder what you think of these shots, and I'd like to thank Peter Graham for sharing these!

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