The Return of the PureViewClub at Nokia Conversations :-)

Well, it's an honour I guess I'll never get used to.  A few monts ago, the PureViewClub was featured on Nokia Conversations for the first time, quickly followed by a second one. And today, well - the club is there once again (including a shot a colleague made of me, using my Nokia 808 PureView - very on topic I'd say :-)

Boc Ly asked me what I thought of Windows Phone 8, the Nokia Lumia 920 and of course its camera. I'm very happy with the link to my Nokia Lumia 920 review as well (translated from Dutch with the help of @MFaroTusino). You can read all here. Later this week Nokia Conversations will be sharing some of the shots I've previously shared at the club as well!

(PureViewClub is also on  Twitter and  Facebook)