Will it fall? Sure. Would you blow it to pieces?

This post has got nothing to do with PureView - sorry. This is just to share my amazement about a wide range of "tests" some are submitting the most expensive high-end smartphones to. I won't link to more examples than necessary.

I will make an exception for the Phonebuff drop test. Because, yes, it's very likely you will drop your phone once, and it's interesting to see how it survives. It proved the Nokia Lumia 920 can handle quite a few drops even.

After this, the same site continued with a " knife and hammer test" - linking to it is the last exception I'll make (you've probably seen it already anyway). It didn't get any scratches on the screen of the Nokia Lumia 920, and I must admit I was impressed it could even be used as a hammer to get a nail into a piece of wood... But how big are the chances you will actually try that yourself?

And maybe there's a thin line somewhere, but I don't get the point of destroying the same device with a few extra tests - like throwing it into a piece of concrete at full force. Sure, that will destroy the screen: no surprise there. It's just such a waste of a device that survived everything you put it through before...

Some - surprisingly popular - sites will even take it a step further. I'm not referring to the pointless "will it blend" videos. Of course it will blend. Today for the first time, I saw a video of a guy blowing a Nokia Lumia 920 to pieces with an AK-47 assault rifle, attaching explosives to it even. Like it would stand a chance.

The website seems to be very popular...  What does that mean? The Nokia Lumia 920 is a high-end smartphone many people would love to buy - why just blow it into oblivion? Many appear to appreciate seeing it torn to pieces in slow motion... And it probably doesn't even matter if it's the newest Lumia, iPhone, Galaxy, Xperia or Nexus. I think it's pretty decadent. What do you think?

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