Update: the free HDRapp will work on Nokia N8!

Just a short update after I received some questions about the upcoming HDRapp. The release is not far away, hopefully (update) it will be next tuesday ("if nothing goes wrong", one of the makers just tweeted :-).

I contacted Jeff who acknowledged the HDRapp will be free - which makes it of course much more easy for everyone to give it a try. It gets better still: the HDRapp will work on the Nokia N8 as well, but - as Jeff wrote -  "obviously the 808 is quicker". No wonder since the Nokia 808 has a much better processor.

I promised to keep you posted on any developments, well: I think both facts are great news and worth this update :-)

By the way: I still see one "problem" with this app on the Nokia N8 though, since there is no bracketing option in it. Maybe in the future the HDRapp will offer bracketing as well. Otherwise it's going to be very hard to make the exact same shots, almost impossible without a tripod.

By the way: this picture of the N8 comes from a post with my collection of Nokia devices, all captured with the Nokia 808 PureView. If you'd like to have a look, here it is.

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