Nokia Lumia 920 OIS comparison test with five smartphones on a stick and a skateboard :-)

Videos like these make me proud of some excellent Dutch craziness: connecting no less than five smartphones with rubber bands to a (firm) stick and drive them around on a skateboard...


These guys are my friends (Dennis and Ger) from the Dutch site BesteProduct, comparing the the Lumia 920, iPhone 5, HTC 8X, Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II - on a stick.

They published some more comparisons here - I'm sure that Google Translate will help you out. The video is too funny - and the results too impressive - not to to feature it at the PureViewClub. Enjoy! :-)

On YouTube

Also I'll borrow two of their shots, since they include the iPhone 5 in there, showing its low-light shots are not bad, but not as good as with the Nokia Lumia 920, which is especially noticable in the crop (below).

Source BesteProduct
Via PhoneArena

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