Nokia Lumia 920's OIS in a long video comparison with the Nokia 808 PureView

Recently I got a second car holder and this weekend I finally had some time to make a video using both the Nokia 808 PureView as the Lumia 920.

I was asked to show as much footage as possible (for maximum comparison) so here is a complete take of almost 7 minutes (it ended abruptly when the holder from the Nokia 808 PureView dropped to the floor... no damage though :-)

Both devices had continuous autofocus on, the Nokia 808 PureView had video stabilisation on. Normally I drive somewhere to find a bit rougher terrain, but since we have snow all over the place, there was no need to go far.

I don't have the software to combine both video's, so I suggest to start both YouTube vids more or less "together". Also, you might look at them fullscreen seperately and see which of the two gives you the best general impression.

I didn't add any music or other effects. What you see and hear is what I saw and heard from the car. For best result - but only if your internet connection is fast enough - choose Full HD playback quality (1080p)

Video shot by the Nokia 808 PureView

Video shot by the Nokia Lumia 920

Next, I'd like to show you how it was done. This is just a very short take recorded while driving '(on a totally empty road, no worries) with the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia 808 PureView in their car holders. So this is a sort  of "making of".

Nokia Lumia 920 and 808 PureView in car holders

I shot this short take on another road. During this comparison the Nokia 808 PureView wasn't set up right and in fact shaking like hell. That didn't make for a fair comparison and made me pretty sad, since the footage - in the snow through the forest - was quite spectacular.

A bonus video
So I'm throwing this even a bit longer Lumia 920 video in as a "bonus" at the end of this post. But not without adding a few things about it:

- First, to prevent it from changing focus all the time, I put continuous autofocus OFF. Looking the result back on Vimeo, I'm afraid it focussed on the windshield more than on what's behind it.... Since this post is about optical image stabilisation, I decided to publish it anyway.

- There's a good reason for that as well: you will notice there is something moving in the bottom left corner. That's a small part of the glove I used to keep the Nokia Lumia 920 more or less horizontal. It wasn't put their for any other purpose, but since it's there, you will see how much the car lets it shake - and that makes for a subtle comparison with the way the Lumia 920 captures the ride.

- Third, there is  a short stop at a famous building I've shown here before in much better weather conditions, the  former sanatorium Zonnestraal (Sunbeam).

- To conclude this post: uploading these vids has been a horrifying experience this time and has taken me several hours. That's why - also since it's not a comparison - below I'm sharing the upload that succeeded onVimeo. Maybe one day I'll find the patience to upload both other videos there as well.

Nokia Lumia 920 on a ride through a forest covered in snow

On PureViewClub - Nokia Lumia 920 - driving through a forest in the snow from PureViewClub on Vimeo.

Since this test has take most of my weekend (and my patience :-), more than ever I hope you'll like what I've done to show you what both PureView cameras are capable of.

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