Some very nice PureView shots of autumn

A few weeks ago I asked for "PureView shots of autumn", but my mailbox didn't exactly overflow. Not sure why, maybe my timing was wrong - anyway, I didn't receive an abundant amount of memorable shots.

Except from a few quite interesting ones from Peter Graham, from whom you have recently seen some lowlight shots here and who has now won the Piel Frama leather case I thought of as a reward (the same one Piel Frama sent to me for the review).

His shots with the Nokia 808 PureView are very diverse I think, showing many facets of autumn - not "just" the leaves, but the atmosphere of it all. It's hard to describe, and that's why we have pictures, right? I'm happy to share them here.

Peter, congratulations with your new case! (and get in touch for your address :-)

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