Just a flat at "golden hour" with the Nokia 808

Months ago, you might have seen a post here of Batman's house at " golden hour". I've linked to both, so you can check what it's all about. The pictures of Batman's house brought a surprising amount of visitors to the PureViewClub, since a blogsite in Taiwan linked to them. The house is beautiful in itself, but the light at "golden hour" will make just about anything look astonishing.

Like this pretty normal flat I captured a week ago with my Nokia 808 PureView. I made two shots of it, in 8MP and 38MP (full res), both in 4:3 (which is something to remember when you want to capture something in portrait that is a bit higher than your 16:9 shot will allow you to). Anyway, I'll only post the resized (640 x 480) version of the 8MP shot here. You'll find both originals on Flickr, as (almost) always.

Why? Because I'm competely addicted to the light at golden hour. Simple as that. Also, in this fantastic light, it's a great opportunity to share what the difference between 808 PureView technology and 38MP "Full resolution" looks like. It's not like you'll ever actually need a 38MP shot, but looking at the details, the result is just as astonishing as golden hour itself. This is the resized version of the 8MP original. Now here are a few crops I made of both results. First, a 640 x 480 crop from the tree on the left side, from the 8MP original. Next part of the middle of the flat, where all that "golden" is. First a 640 x 640 crop from the 8MP original. Same place more or less, 640 x 640, from 38MP original Last, I found a little birdhouse in the middle of the third floor. I zoomed in on it. Needed 49 x 49 pixels on the 8MP original, and 109 x 109 pixels on the 38MP shot. Than I blew them both up to 300 x 300 pixels. Now I thought this is pretty interesting, since you will clearly see less noise in the 8MP shot but a lot more detail in the 38MP result... So much for now, hope you enjoyed it and like I said, both originals are on Flickr, so you can crop till you drop :-)