A breathtaking PureView of Golden Gate Bridge

You know I'm more than happy to share interesting PureView shots, from the Nokia 808 or Lumia 920. And I get to see a lot - there's already an archive of shots I still have to share in fact...

But every once in a while there are shots that just completely blow me away. Like this one: Richard Dorman (be sure to follow him on Twitter @sheridan01) captured the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco in a way that is too hard to describe.

So I'll just share it here. You'll find the original file on Flickr, and in his Photostream you will find much more interesting shots from his stay in San Francisco.

This, ladies and gentlemen, was captured with the Nokia 808 PureView. The King of Camphones that really never fails to amaze me. In the hands of photographers like Richard, the results are even more stunning. Here's the 640 x 360 version, but do yourself a favor and don't forget to check the original - a masterpiece!

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