PureView shots of the "Feast of Lights" in Lyon

If you're a regular visitor of the PureViewClub you know that the "PureView" in Lumia 920 is about "optical image stabilisation" and "lowlight photography".

Now  @fneuf, who is one of the French friends of the Club, published some amazing shots he made with the Nokia Lumia 920 during the "Fête des Lumières" ("Feast of Lights") in Lyon. Of course, that's about "lowlight photography" as well.

I assumed this feast of lights was  in fact connected to  Hanukkah, which is celebrated all over the world, but in one of the reactions below it appears I'm wrong (sorry 'bout that). Here you'll find the historical background of the Festival of Lights in Lyon. More pictures after the break!

I'm looking forward to attend a similar feast in Amsterdam soon, but for now I'm happy to share a few of the shots I could choose from Fneuf's Flickr Photostream. He published them today on the French site Test-Mobile.fr. I liked them a lot, hope you'll be impressed as well :-)

Next: three shots from the Cathedral. I'm not sure how he did it, but my guess is the Lumia 920 was on a tripod. Otherwise I wouldn't know how to make these three "identical" shots.

They're in portrait and I chose for the large format - it'll need some scrolling, but I'm sure you'll like to see the light effects.

Please don't hesitate to have a look at the originals on Flickr, and to share your own thoughts about these pics!

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