Window shopping with the Nokia Lumia 920

It's coming on Christmas, lots of decorations in the streets and of course another Winter Sale period here in the shops. A few evenings ago, I thought it would be a nice idea to give you an idea what that looks like in the Netherlands, so I did some Window Shopping with the Nokia Lumia 920.

Also, I limited myself to the window dummies to give it a more "personal" impression. Again - this is nothing too pretentious, just to give you an impression of the Christmas atmosphere slowly building in a Dutch shopping street and how it is captured in low light.  Funny you will sometimes see the bright yellow device in the reflection as well, like in the first shot:

Here you are wished a wonderful 50% party :-)

Funny how the window dummy (below) seems to be wondering what I'm doing - he looks alive because of the big poster behind him I guess...

A bit of a messy shot with a lot of reflection from the opposite windows as well.

Over at Claudia Sträter, they completely focus on the bags they put your presents in it seems.

This is a shot with a lot more festive atmosphere already

And of course, this will go very nice during your Christmas party as well.

This might just be a bit too cold outside...

And this is what Santa hides in a package or for later in the evening... (and yes, people will laugh at you if you make a shot like this :-)

And maybe all that Christmas love will eventually lead to this...

It's cold here, but there's so much romance in the air! :-)

Just 10 shots from a Dutch shopping street, captured with the Nokia Lumia 920. Nothing less, nothing more. Hope you liked them!

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