Passing under a light sculpture in Amsterdam

Last evening I was on a boat in Amsterdam enjoying a dinner with colleagues. The boat trip was organized by Sony, also to introduce the new Sony Xperia V (which has a 13MP camera on board, so you can expect some comparison shots soon!)

One of the reasons we were on the boat was because of the Amsterdam Light Festival, with light sculptures, illuminated buildings, bridges and boats, and surprising light projections. Having dinner, we didn't see too much of it, moreover it was freezing cold outside.

There was one light sculpture however I captured passing under it on the channel Amstel. From a distance it looked like an optical illusion, a 3D laserlight projection - and it was a bit of a disappointment it was "just" a colorful fishingnet. But the effect was great nevertheless and I'm happy to share my shots here with you.

I captured these with the Nokia 808 PureView on Night Mode.

Now without any doubt you will ask me why I didn't make these shots with the Lumia 920? Well, I did. But in "night mode", I didn't like the fact it showed much more than just the light sculpture (example below). So I grabbed my Nokia 808 PureView - never a bad choice when it comes to pictures, we all know that here :-)

I'm sure I could have done a better job if I would have had more time - adjusting the exposure value for instance: I still have to "learn" what the best settings are in different coniditions. But it's clear I didn't have time for that and didn't want to risk missing these shots altogether. Hope you liked them!

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