PureViewClub Group on Flickr: 100 members!

I love to share my own pictures here, but what I see in the PureViewClub Group on Flickr makes me extremely modest. Since today, there are 100 members who took the trouble to invite themselves to share their shots (it's on invite only so I can keep some kind of control of who's joining). All these members have now shared more than 2000 shots in the group.

In this post, I'll only share about 1% of them. As diverse as possible, recent shots that all drew my attention for different reasons. Please: don't feel offended if I didn't pick your shot, I'm sure you'll understand it's tough making a selection. I hope you'll enjoy these and would invite you to visit the  PureViewClub Group if you have time to watch them all.

You will see the name of the photographer in the name of the picture. Please share what you think of these shots below - I'm curious if you're just as impressed with them as I am.



Once again, all these shots are in the PureViewClub Group on Flickr. Feel free to join, just invite yourself, like I said, I never refused anyone with a Nokia 808 PureView or Lumia 920.

(PureViewClub is on  Twitter and  Facebook)