Some ice cold wintershots with Nokia Lumia 920

After the first shot you see in this post, this morning I asked my timeline on Twitter for some ice cold wintershots captured with the Nokia Lumia 920 - at night, or during daytime. Via Twitter and e-mail, I received a few very (n)ice cold shots :-)

I'll start with this brilliant one by Kimmo Juoperi, shot in Helsinki, showing the Nokia Lumia 920 is quite capable of making some great daytime shots! (original here).

Next is this great and obviously freezing cold nightshot by Ville Kokkonen, also from Finland (original here)

I´ll add an older ice cold nightshot of my own as well - shot in our garden during in a really pitchdark and snowy night on december 6. The only light source was the lamp post you see on the left: it's really amazing what you can achieve with the Nokia Lumia 920 at night!

You can find the original in the PureViewClub stream on Flickr. We have a sea climate in The Netherlands, so the weather can change extremely fast from -9 to +9 Celsius. The snow you see here is long gone already.

The climate in Finland is quite different as you can see in this shot by Juho Ruohola from Kerava - it looks extremely cold as well (original here).

He has another shot of traffic in the snow that really gives me the shivers (original here)

Peter Norin from Delbo in the middle of Sweden is one of the PureViewclub Twitter followers ( @N97blues) and he sent me four pictures by email - day and night shots - and I'll share them all here.

I'd like to thank all contributors for there fast reaction on my ice cold request! And if you live in the Far East or South-America, I wonder what you think of shots like these? For me, now it's time for a warm cup of coffee! :-)

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